100% Dedicated team

We’re here to provide the best experience possible.

Unique Features

Many unique features to upgrade gameplay

NO “pay to win”

There is no, and never going to be any pay to win option

Referral System

Get both for your friends and yourself a headstart

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About Us!

Our goal is to provide classic gameplay with some extras

We are oldschoolers. We believe this game was in it’s prime during Interlude. Though, this client is being played for ages now, and we decided to bring some extra features in order to make it even better.

Several reasons why to choose us!

There are many servers around till now, which still proves how fine of an MMORPG L2 is. Yet we are aiming to deliver a project that is providing a new and refreshing experience, while keeping the atmosphere of this excellent game.

unique account panel by l2GOLDENAGE™

We created our own account panel with unique features, such as: detailed statistics,graphs and other useful options

Particular game components

Improved gameplay, modern interface, great offline options

Cooperative admin team

Active, helpful admin team. We are trying to give the best support out there.

No scam, no “milking-cow”

Donations go straight into server bills and further advertisements. We strictly keep our own NON-P2W and corruption-free system.


Few basic rules to our project, we reserve the right to make changes!

Third-party softwares, utilities

Forbidden to use any kind of software, that automatize your character movement, exping, farming.

Any kind of software, that does additional tasks while you are away. (i.e: Clickers) are permitted in towns.

Permitted to use any kind of interface changes, that makes your client look unique to your needs. (i.e: nude patch, colored system messages)

Keep in mind, that we are using anti-bot protection. Use customs at your own risk, customs might get your character banned.

Bugs, Game errors

Detected bugs, game errors to be forwarded toward admins immediatly.

Abusing these bugs are strictly forbidden!

Community Principles

The following behaviours are not allowed:

Terrifying, threating other person -in real life-.

Any kind of racist manifestation, character name.

Using autocracy symbols, quotes.


It is forbidden to sell your in-game items for Real-money.

It is forbidden to deceive, scam other players. (In some cases, video evidence might be needed)


You need our game client and a game account in order to login our servers.  After you register through our account panel, you can create any in-game account.

Server Rates

XP/SP – 5X
Drop/SPOIL – 4X
ADENA – 4x
Epic drop – 1X
Quest -Vary
(see features)
Boss drop – Dynamic
(see features)

L2GoldenAge is an emulator of the mmorpg game Lineage 2, providing its service for informational purposes only.